Monday, December 21, 2009

Crazy Night

So the other night me and my roommate Ian started drinking at 1 with our friends Coby and Ian, it was hella fun. I may or may not have puked a little in there toilet. Well to tell you about are night i will start from the very begining. I am not sure what day it was but i had a Anatomy final and before hand me and Ian(not Roommate) were talking about how we needed to celebrate our last day of anatomy. So after the test i went and picked up my roomate and we went over to Ian's house and started drinking rum while playing kings cup. Let me tell you that i really suck at the rhym part of kings cup i think it only passed me one time. At about 5 we decided to go bowling and that was fun because i kicked everyones ass! After bowling we went over to some other party were this girl was having a pot luck, and i had some damn good vegetarian food!! Wierd but good! Then we decided we were bored of that so we went to another party over by the hospital and my favorite black boy Jordan was there and we danced like he was straight, it was fun. That is when i decided i needed to call my Best Girlfriend Leni and invite her to this party because it was a dance party and she is a dance major. so she makes me look like shit. She came over and we danced our little asses off it was fun until i remembered i have not eatin anything. So i told them to take me home and i went and got wendys then passed out. Overall it was a good party day, never been to so many partys in one day.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

American Idol live Tour

That is right, this is me with Adam Lambert! WOOT WOOT! So me and my gay(Brock) went to idol on the 14th of july, it was way fun we met the top ten, they were all so nice and screaming RICH. So i made brock come with me at one in the afternoon to go meet the idols before the show hoping to meet adam or allison, but no such luck. We did meet Gokey, Sarvar, Matt, Scott and his awesome brother. After we met all of the idols that were going to come out that early we went across the street and hit a movie. We went to Bruno, and oh my god it was so god damn funny i was crying. Now back to idol, so before the show started i got a t shirt, keychain, and of course a poster of ADAM. The show was so much better than last time i went to idols live tour, they counted down the idols starting with sarvar; he only sang two songs then Megan came and so on and so on. They all sounded way good actually, which i was not expecting from scott or Sarvar. Non of them compared to Adam or Allison. I also think that danny may have lost a couple fans with a spanish song he sang, it was bad, but i did like the Rascall Flatts songs he sang. so anyway me and brock were on the 25th row on the floor, it was pretty close but not close enough for when my girl allison came on and my main man Adam. so right before they were about to come on i would sneak up to the front, but brock would not come with me. i got kicked out of the front durring allisons last song, so i went back to my seat and waited for Danny to finish his second to last song and i ran up to the front row and was waiting for adam! Me and this lady started talking and she offered me her seat cause they had extra so i took it of course. Adam opened up his set with my favorite song by him, Whole Lotta Love. He was wearing a way cool jacket with spikes and studs and all that good stuff. I was so close i could see all his freckles and smell his sweat ha ha ha. After Adam was done singing with a David Bowie medely i headed back to my seat because honestly Kris Allen he was not that fun to watch, i watched one song. At the end of Kris's set the rest of the group came out and started singing Journeys "Don't stop believing" i knew that was there last song so i grabbed Brock and made him run with me to where the busses are so we could meet the rest of the idols. We were right against the Barracade and got first glance at them before anyone else. We also met these cool girls who took are picture with all the celebs, they were way fun :) The same idols who came out earlier that day were the same ones who came out again at first, then we saw Adam and Kris walking together and the crowd went nuts chanting "ADAM, ADAM,ADAM" he came to our side first but to the very end so we stayed put and waited for him to make his way over.....while waiting for Adam lil and Allison came out together and we met and took pics with them, oh and Megan too. .....So Kris went on the other side but its not that big so he came back to our side and he started at the front, and right where we were Adam and Kris met in the middle. Kris was kinda onry and didnt try and take pics with anyone and was not suppose to either but he signed posters, just not that talkitive. So Adam was right next to us and i started getting my poster of him ready and my pose for the pic, we asked him to take a photo but he pointed at this lady and said she yells if i do. so i decided to take things in my own hands and grabbed him by the butt and put my other hand around his hip and tried to pull him in for a pic. He actually did pose for us but the girls taking the pic missed it but thats okay we still kinda got a good one. I did have a few breif words with Adam i said to him" We are both Ginger Kids huh???" he was like " Yeah but i kinda hide it dont i" and that was the conversation i had with Adam, short but sweet. Overall this was a kick ass concert and i hope next years is this good too!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Just so you know

well in a few days me and Brock are headed to west valley to go see the idols live tour!!! we have not been since Carrie Underwood's year. We are going to go early so we can try and meet Adam and Allison!!! American Idol is definatly my guilty pleasure. if not at least we get to see an amazing show, with sexy dancing :) well i will let you know if i meet them there will be pictures

Friday, June 12, 2009


I have not been able to get on the internet for months it has been driving me crazy!!!! so i will catch everyone up on what i have been doing ....... well as most know Adam didnt win idol because he is gay but i am glad now so he doesnt have to sing that horrible "no boundries" song. The radios have actually banned Kris's version from the radio so that is good news, anyways i got tickets to idols live for my birthday from my mamma. i think me and brock are going now because tori has a family reunion and haley cant afford it. Yesterday was the 11th and me and brock went to a Kelly Clarkson yesterday and it was so awesome i will do a blog about it on its own it is so eventful. i think i am gong to hey monday on the 19th and probably visit my father and brother, which will be fun....... oh and me and brock went and visited Morgan and Freddy, it was nice to see and talk to them both even though Freddy hardly talked. it was nice to see and old face. well catch ya on the flip side!!! Peace!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter Break Concert

So over easter break my roomates Haley, Sab, and I went to a fall out boy, Cobra Starship, Hey Monday, All TIme Low, and Metro Station concert it was a blast!!! Not one bad band was there plus we saw David Archeleta there too enjoying the show!!! Gabe the lead singer of Cobra Starship was amazing and we threw him a ring and he put it on and kissed it and winked at all of us it was awesome!!! Hey Monday was the first band and i felt like i was the only one singing there songs, Cassadee came over to our side most the time cause we were going crazy. The video above is of Hey Monday Singing Candles. It was a kick ass concert but it does not beat The Academy Is...

Are COOL shirts

These are our cool adam shirts we had made for American Idol Tuesday :) Kammi is not in the pic because she is sleeping ha ha but no worries we will get a pic today!!!! Everyone is up and awake today! GO ADAM. Everyone remember to vot 1-866-43657-(00).

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


This easter i was home and decided to color some easter eggs with my nieve Addy, my sis Emily, and my MAMMA. So my mamma made me go to the store and get some eggs and boil them for later that night. After my mom made some delicious tacos addy would not stop asking to dye the eggs so i finally broke and told her to go get the dye and i grabbed water, vinegar, and food coloring (just to get the color more vibrant) so as we started making eggs and decorating them, most of mine said Adam Lambert, Lambert Luv, American Idol, Kelly Clarkson, and stuff like that. That was before my mind got dirty and i made my mom a egg that said "Mom loves____" you can clearly see what it says in this pic of addy holding my moms egg i made for her.